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In recent years I have been set free of many potentially harmful behavior patterns that I adopted as a direct result of experiences I encountered as a young boy that semed to intensify as I got older. This journey began for me well into my 50's and I pleased to say that my marriage and my relationships with my 2 children and 7 grandchildren has never been better as a result of this journey.

My physical and emotional well-being has improved dramatically, and now at the age of 67, my only regret is not having started this journey many years earlier.

How big is this problem really?

It seems that families are falling apart at a far greater rate than in past years, as divorce appears to be on the increase worldwide. It may just be that there are many adults who are carrying experiences from their childhood that could have a negative influence on their ability to maintain their relationships.

Health issues appear to be on the increase as well with emotional conditons such as depression and anxiety disorders more evident in people of all ages these days. It is hoped also that the information in this book will help people to be free of anything that may be preventing them from being the best they can be in all that they do.

Without Love I am nothing

This book and a presentation that I take to High Schools and other conferences, has "turned the light on" for many people of all ages, at the same time been instrumental in guiding them to the help they may need to be at their best, not just for themselves but also for those they care for.


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Dear Des
I just wanted to write and extend to you a sincere thank you for your outstand contribution to USC's.Symposium 'Make it Stop' A Sunshine Coast Plan to Stop Domestic Violence. All speakers and facilitators did an amazing and seamless job on the Day and I am very grateful for your time and expertise.
The event was a great success - with high attendee numbers, great community participation and fabulous feedback from the local community and the press. I hope you feel very proud of your contribution to such an amazing day.
Yours sincerely
Professor Doug Mahar
Head of School
School of Social Sciences

To Whom It May Concern,
Recently it was recommended to me by a friend and supporter of the University of the Sunshine Coast to contact Sunshine Coast author and speaker Mr Des Bowman in regards to a resource he had been developing for schools and employees in the workplace.
I had the opportunity then to meet with Mr Bowman and his wife Ann when they invited me to view a short film they had produced titled "Darkness into Light." The PowerPoint Presentation Mr Bowman has produced, as well as the fi lm, as confronting as they were, gave me a greater understanding as to why some people may develop violent, substance abusive behaviours, and mental illnesses that may also lead to self-harm and suicide.
This film and the books that Mr Bowman has produced and written have come about due to his own personal experiences as a young boy, and I have no doubt that secondary school children and many adults in the workplace would benefit greatly from these resources.
I consider them to be a va luable tool in helping to prevent many incidents of Domestic Violence in the future as well as incidents of drug abuse and violence against others as well as reducing suicides which seem to be on the increase.
Professor Greg Hill
Vice-Chancellor and President
University of the Sunshine Coast

Des Bowman – Inspirational Speaker
Yeppoon State High School students and staff recently had the privilege of listening to a live presentation from Des Bowman, renowned author and public speaker aimed at encouraging the audience to access support when they are not coping.
Des Bowman is a published author and inspirational speaker for youth. He shares his lived experiences through several challenges that our children face today. Des delivered a heartfelt message to students that acknowledges issues they are confronted with and encourages help seeking behaviours to develop coping strategies and resilience that will be lifelong skills for all our students and our staff. The goal for the audience is to support emotional wellbeing and help prevent violent, abusive and suicidal behaviours in young people. The presentations guide the audience to the help they may need to be free of this so they can cope with the responsibilities that life throws at them in the years ahead.
Students and staff believed this was meaningful information shared through personal life experiences similar to those faced by some today, to encourage them to talk to someone that is able to organise appropriate support that will empower them to make decisions that improves both the quality of their own life, so they too can be inspirational for those around them.
Des Bowman generously donated ten of his books, ‘Helping Kids Choose Life’ to the school library. This book is a life narrative aimed at encouraging others to aspire to become responsible, resilient adults with long, fulfilling lives. If you would like more information, you are able to access his website www.desbowman.com.au
Yours sincerely Lisa St James
Guidance Officer

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